I am a 50 something-year-old man living in Ohio with my wife of 30+ years. In 2015 something occurred that would change our lives forever. I was in a golf cart accident (you read that right) that left me a quadriplegic. 

So what to do next? The YouTube link documents my recovery. Then I needed something to help pass the time. I started a podcast with my college roommate. We talked about popular culture and the things we like. Production has slowed way down on those so I did not include a link. However, you can search “George and Keith’s Musings” and be entertained for hours! Check out my new podcast “Bubba, Gil and Stoner” where we discuss all things Detroit Lions related.

Next, I decided to do something I had never previously considered. I wrote a novel. You can purchase that novel through Amazon on the link included here. United States of Analytics is about the dirty world of politics. Even though I wrote the book over two years ago it is more relevant than ever considering the renewed controversy surrounding Roe V Wade.

Next, I wrote the easier book information wise, but much more difficult emotionally. “The Optimistic Quadriplegic” is my memoir about my accident and continuing recovery. Please click on the link to purchase “The Optimistic Quadriplegic “.

My third book is also a novel, “DNA Deception”. Is your most valuable resource, your personal blueprint, safe? What evil could be done if your DNA fell into the wrong hands?

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