Greetings from Ohio

I should probably post more often than once every three months. Is moving from Michigan to Ohio a good excuse for my lack of productivity? I wouldn’t let me off the hook that easily if I were you. I will try to do better.

why am I in Ohio? Our son and daughter-in-law live down here. Specifically, in Columbus. They are going to bless us with our first grandchild in April and we wanted to be near the action. My son, Andy, is a pharmacist at the James Hospital which is part of the enormous Wexner medical complex of Ohio State University. Sarah and I were nervous to move down here primarily because of the excellent healthcare we received in the Kalamazoo area. Our worries were greatly mis- placed. In just the six weeks we have been here I have already seen many specialists and we have been impressed by each of them. Everyone is so nice. So other than their football team I would highly recommend Columbus. I hope to reach out again sooner than three months from now.

Hello World

What have I gotten myself into? I just thought it would be cool to have a website In order to have one place where everyone could locate my books. Then I started getting emails informing me that people have subscribed to my site. Subscribed for what? I post most of my witty thoughts on Facebook. Will I still have enough to say to post blogs as well? My guess would be no but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.